The Biggest Wins in El Clasico

The second of April is finally here and all the waiting will come to an end today. The great battle between the best teams in the Spanish La Liga will pit Real Madrid and Barcelona against each other once again. It’s time for El Clasico with another portion of excitement

Real Madrid and Barcelona have met in a total of 230 games, not counting the 33 exhibition matches. Real have the most wins, with 92 going their way from the 230.

Here are six of the biggest wins in El Clasico. The 11-1 and 8-2 stand out for Real, but Barca have regained ground in recent times, with 6-2 and 5-0 wins.

Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona
Real Madrid 8-2 Barcelona
Real Madrid 6-1 Barcelona
Real Madrid 2-6 Barcelona
Real Madrid 5-0 Barcelona
Real Madrid 0-5 Barcelona

This unique rivalry will continue tonight and only time will tell who will celebrate after the game.

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